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What are the Functions of a Sign?

Do you think all signs are the same? You should think again. In most instances, a sign’s effectiveness is determined by its use. Is it helping your customers navigate to your store or leading them to an event? Is it hanging in a window or going outside on your storefront? When beginning the process of design, think of the following 4 functions of a sign to receive the most bang for your buck.

Awareness and Recognition

Dentist Office Custom Building SignageWithin the most basic sense, a sign on your store’s outside offers information. It’ll make individuals aware of your existence. It’ll identify the area as belonging to your company, and allows customers to know that they are in the proper place.

Entice Customers to Make a Purchase

Replaceable Sign A-Frame StandSigns may be utilized to prompt potential customers to make impulse buys. Signs that advertise discount days or big sales entice consumers into your shop for certain items. Customers driving down your street may not be considering purchasing new jeans, however, if she or he sees a large sign inside the window of a clothing shop, advertising a sale on new jeans, he or she may stop by to have a look.

For the biggest impact, the signs ought to be as massive as possible, and shown in a prominent area.

Entice Consumers to Buy Something Else

Promotional sign showing a saleAs a customer is inside your business intending on buying something, provide them with signs that point out other items they might find interesting. You may have a sign put onto an easel right inside your doorway, which announces the sale of something else, or table of merchandise that has a sign prominently displayed.

Wayfinding or Directional

Wendy's wayfinding directional signaDirectional, occasionally referred to as wayfinding, signs help get customers from the street into your store in the most convenient, safest manner possible. The signage must be easily read and well-placed so that passersby have time to change lanes, slow, and signal to turn inside your parking lot. If your company is situated in a back corner of a shopping center, or hard to see from the street, directional signage not only allows customers to know where they need to turn, it’ll make other people aware that your store is there.

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