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Regulation Signs for Churches

regulatory information for church signs

When you imagine church signs, it usually conjures up images of a marquee sign that has worship hours and Bible humor. As your signage experts, Bethel Signs & Graphics know there is more to church signage than meets the eye. While running a church, there will include numerous signs which are mandated by law which … read more

What are the Benefits of Signage?

promotional business signs

Research shows that changing or adding a sign will directly improve sales revenue. Below are the average rises in sales revenue for the industry of fast food: If you add a single monument sign you will see a 9.3 percent increase and if you add a big pole sign (144 square feet) you will see … read more

What are the Functions of a Sign?

Attractive hangign Sign

Do you think all signs are the same? You should think again. In most instances, a sign’s effectiveness is determined by its use. Is it helping your customers navigate to your store or leading them to an event? Is it hanging in a window or going outside on your storefront? When beginning the process of … read more

What Does Your Sign Say About Your Business?

statistics regarding sign quality & customer response

As you have formed an opinion based upon your first impression, it is difficult to change the impression. Imagine that your friend and you are hanging out inside a coffee cafe when a lady enters in that your friend knows. The friend introduces you to Jane, who’s hair is stringy and greasy. Her t-shirt and … read more

Using the Right Sign To Attract More Customers

Whole Foods Market Custom Roof Top Sign

Begin to attract more customers to your company with sign installation in Marietta, GA! Signage shows prospective customers what you do and who you are. Placing signage inside and around your business assists you in advertising and encouraging prospective customers to take advantage of your services. Begin with the following tips: Select Signage Type You … read more

LED Lighting Choice for Business Signs in the Marietta, Atlanta Area, GA

At Bethel Signs & Graphics we’ve noticed a growing trend for businesses to upgrade their traditional wood and metal signs. Instead, they’re choosing to really jazz up their businesses with programmable LED signs. Unlike traditional outdoor signs, LED signs require little maintenance and don’t limit you to one message. Our LED signs come in all … read more