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Vinyl Wraps
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Marietta Vinyl Wraps


Among the various materials used for advertising and marketing purposes, vinyl remains a favorite for numerous businesses.

Custom refrigerator vinyl wrap

Many appreciate its durability and flexibility, making it suitable for any application and environment. However, there’s a common misconception that vinyl is only great for banners and large outdoor displays. On the contrary, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, one of which is vinyl wraps.

Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage can guide you through the various options of vinyl wraps that can be used for your intended application. From decorating your vehicles with eye-catching vehicle wraps to adding color to your tables and walls, our team of vinyl wrap experts can get the suitable vinyl wrap solution delivered to you in the design you want when you need it.

Our Marietta vinyl wraps are crafted in-house, aiming to ensure they meet high-quality standards and contribute to achieving your goals. Throughout the project, our team will guide you through every step, enabling you to fully utilize the benefits of your new vinyl wraps and appreciate the rewards they offer!

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Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Want to help your brand reach a wider audience? Using branded Marietta vinyl wraps on your vehicles can create these opportunities even if parked on the roadside or in a parking lot.

Custom semi truck wrapThese vinyl wraps serve as a testament to your professionalism, especially if you provide direct delivery of products and services to your clients. When customers spot these wraps on your vehicles, they’ll feel more secure inviting you into their homes. The wraps also effectively convey vital information about your business to people who might not see your physical storefront, and build a positive impression.

Want to see what type of vehicle wraps and graphics we can make for you? Here’s a short list below!

Do you want your branded Marietta vinyl wraps to match your other business displays? Don’t hesitate to let us know; we will adapt the right elements to stay consistent with your branding.

Vinyl Wraps for Any Surface

Aside from being used on vehicles to advertise your business, vinyl wraps can also be used for other applications. Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage can make attractive vinyl wraps used on tables, windows, doors, walls, and carpets, transforming them into great marketing and advertising platforms for your business.

These vinyl wraps offer customizable options to showcase specific content and cater to the desired location. They can present various content types, such as your business narrative, top-selling products, or even your favorite artwork. Once applied, these wraps not only enhance the atmosphere of your space but also protect the surfaces they adorn. Thanks to their durable material, the design remains intact for an extended period, even in high-traffic areas.

Custom Wrap Company

Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage always strives to provide clients with excellent visual solutions that they can use to build their businesses and achieve their goals. As a full-service sign and graphics shop, we handle every aspect of your sign project—from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. Once you’ve experienced our services, there’s no need to look elsewhere for your marketing display needs.

custom window muralWhen it comes to Marietta vinyl wraps, our process starts with a free consultation, resulting in beautifully installed wraps tailored to your space or vehicle. Whether you need a new design or an update to an existing one, just let us know. We’re skilled at turning your ideas into effective designs that leave a positive impact. We can also suggest material options that fit your budget.

Once your design is approved, our team promptly initiates fabrication, meticulously ensuring every detail aligns with your specifications. Our installation service guarantees the wraps arrive and create the desired impression without delay.

Free Vinyl Wrap Consultation

Marietta Sign CompanyWhen designed perfectly and installed in the right areas or mediums, vinyl wraps can help you reimagine your marketing strategy and brand appeal without investing heavily in complex displays and materials. But, if you want these wraps to make the impact you are hoping for, you need a great company to work with to make it happen.

At our Marietta, GA sign company, you have access to a great team who can create stunning vinyl wraps that will make your business visible and give people a reason to see what you offer.

Our team will also walk you through the options and the process so you can further maximize your request and achieve your business goals. Call us today to learn more and see what else you can use to help your business stand out!

Call Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage today at (678) 389-4949 for your Free Consultation with a Marietta Vinyl Wrap Expert!