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Commercial Building Signs
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Marietta Commercial Building Signs


The business storefront is an important area when it comes to marketing of a company. The storefront offers a first impression to passersby and promotes products to a potential consumer. To ensure the first impression is a good one, our team at Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage help meet all your signage needs.

A high-quality and attractive Marietta building sign will set you apart from all other properties around you; thereby, drawing more attention to your store from potential customers. Regardless of whether you are trying to attract more visitors with a promotional graphic or build a reputation with a brand logo, our crew can develop, produce and install the building sign.

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The Right Sign For Your Business

Marietta Commercial Building Signs building sign 300x200Different companies in different industries have different building sign requirements. The brand personality, store location, target audience, rival companies, and financial budget are all factors that impact the decision you make regarding your building sign. Our specialist building sign staff is able to help you choose the ideal building sign for your needs.

The crew at Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage provide an on-site assessment of the structure measuring the area dimensions and recommending the most suitable products for your needs. We handle all elements of personalized sign making from the initial free consultation to installation, including manufacturing, maintenance and any repairs required. In fact, we can assist with gaining a permit for the new building sign if required.

Types of Building Signs

Marietta Commercial Building Signs wall sign 1 300x169There are several common types of building signs that our professionals will recommend; however, the signs used will depend on the building location and the industry or sector of operation. If you want to give a good first impression, it is essential that the building sign complements the surrounding structures or contrasts well to help you stand out among the rest. Regardless of whether you want to blend in or stand out, our team will ensure that the sign is the best sign for your needs, your business, and the location.

A unique feature of our company is that all of the building signs are customized. This means that if you have a similar sign format as a company near you, such as a channel letter, your sign will still be the original option providing a degree of exclusivity.

Channel Letters And Dimensional Letters

Marietta Commercial Building Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205The most popular option when it comes to building sign lettering are the channel letters and dimensional letters. This type of lettering is highly versatile and presents with a plethora of options regarding style, font, and coloring. The channel and dimensional letters can also include individual numbers or letters with shapes and logos where desired.

A highly popular option for different corporate businesses, the channel letters and dimensional letters are durable and provide increased customization benefits. Channel letters allow light to be held within them because of the transparent face; however, dimensional letters are cut from a single panel of acrylic or metal material. To highlight the dimensional lettering, you will need to use a backlight.

Lighted Signs

Marietta Commercial Building Signs lighted sign 300x174The lighted building sign is a type of graphic that allows the company to be seen during the day or night. The majority of building sign types can use inside lighting or backlighting, but channel and dimensional letters are most often backlit. Cabinet signs will typically use an inside lighting element and these are ideal for stores that remain open late at night, such as bars, convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, and movie theaters. The lighted sign is beneficial because it can increase visibility in a practical way.

Projecting Signs, Blade Signs, And Hanging Building Signs

Marietta Commercial Building Signs barden projection building outdoor storefront sign 300x203Regardless of what you call it, the projecting, blade or hanging building sign is a sign located perpendicular to the structure and attached to the building using a support structure or frame. The majority of these signs use a cabinet sign format with backlighting and are often made of high-density urethane foam, metal or wood. They are ideal for stopping foot traffic and will typically be used as directional signage for companies that are located in a Marietta, GA building complex, such as an accounting firm above a vintage bookstore.

Canopy And Awning Signs

Marietta Commercial Building Signs storefront awning 4 300x179An awning building sign offers a double function providing storefront protection with business identification. Canopy and awning signs are typically created using a stretched piece of canvas material, but they can be made using any type of metal or fabric.

Our team recommends products that are weather-resistant and provide a boutique-like feel to potential customers.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage provides the high-quality, attractive Marietta building signs you need to get your business and brand noticed. With an eye-catching sign that reflects your brand personality, you are sure to quickly see an increase in both foot traffic and money in your pocket. We can’t wait to create the perfect signs for your needs!

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