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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
Design, Production and Install


Marietta Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


Looking to elevate your storefront’s appeal for your target audience while giving them a sneak peek into your business? Look no further than Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage‘s channel letters—they’re designed to give your business that extra boost and more.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Like other business signs, channel letters offer businesses a unique way to present their brand without a complicated setup. They provide a sleek and professional image for your brand, appealing to a wider audience. What’s great is the flexibility they offer in their appearance, and they work well indoors too. And don’t forget about dimensional letters—they’re an alternative worth considering in the realm of channel letters.

Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage understands the importance of these signs for your business. That’s why we offer personalized sign services to all our clients. Your requested Marietta channel letters will be custom-designed for your business, ensuring they stand out from the competition and boast the highest quality possible. Plus, our in-house team is here to assist you throughout the process, ensuring a swift delivery of your new channel letters!

Call Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage today at (678) 389-4949 for your Free Consultation with a Marietta Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Businesses love channel letters for their storefront signs—they’re effective and attention-grabbing. Once installed, these signs boast depth, making them truly unique and eye-catching. Plus, with optional lighting, they remain visible even in the dark or during bad weather.

Custom Channel Letter SignWhen it comes to personalized Marietta channel letters, our team of sign experts sits down with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll design your letters to match your brand colors, fonts, and personality, ensuring they convey the right message. Additionally, we’ll recommend the best materials tailored to your location and design preferences.

If this is your first time getting channel or dimensional letters, don’t worry! Our team is here to answer all your questions before we start designing your signs. We’ll even swing by your location to figure out the best way to install these letters for maximum impact.

No matter your industry, any business can benefit from channel letters. At Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage, we’re all about creating channel letters that suit your style and image!

Dimensional Letters

If you want a channel letter that gives your storefront or lobby a classic and unforgettable image, dimensional letters are the way to go.

Storefront SignDimensional letters are often confused with channel letters because they have individual elements that give depth. However, unlike channel letters made piece by piece, dimensional letters are carved from one solid piece of material like metal, acrylic, or similar materials. Each letter, symbol, or shape is carved, etched, or molded to the right opacity to achieve the client’s desired image. Lighting will be added later, either as external lighting or backlighting.

When you request dimensional letters from our Marietta, GA, sign company, we can personalize them to your specific requirements. Our team will reach out to our partners to get the material suitable for your request and customize it to suit your design requirements.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Business signs are impactful during the day, but their effectiveness diminishes significantly at night or in unfavorable weather conditions. Illuminating your chosen business signs resolves this issue effectively.
Lighted SignWhile customizing your Marietta channel letters, Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage can recommend the correct type of lighting that we can use to help the sign stand out while installed in your chosen location. Some examples of lighting we can use include open, halo, backlighting, and external lighting. We use LED lighting for these lighting fixtures because it is cheaper to maintain, repair, replace, and operate. It is more affordable than traditional lighting. LED lighting is also available in various styles to mimic traditional lights like neon without paying a lot to get it made.

Backlit and illuminated channels or dimensional letters are perfect for any business, especially those with late-night hours or locations where visibility can be a concern. Companies who want a 24/7 sign that won’t cost them a lot can also consider getting backlit or illuminated channel and dimensional letters.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Marietta Indoor Signs & Interior Signs: ADA, Lobby, WayfindingAs a business, you don’t need to go overboard with flashy signs to catch your audience’s eye. Simple signs, like channel letters, when crafted and set up effectively, can boost your brand’s image and draw customers in, much like other types of signage. Feel free to contact our Marietta, GA, sign company anytime, and we’ll collaborate with you to create the ideal channel letter that becomes synonymous with your brand.

Call Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage today at (678) 389-4949 for your Free Consultation with a Marietta Channel Letter expert!