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Depending on your type of business, a lobby can have many functions. It may serve as a waiting area for customers or clients, a reception area, or may be a general entrance for several offices. Regardless of the purpose of your lobby, custom lobby signs can make it easy for visitors to understand what your business is and how to find locations or people within your building, all while reinforcing your brand.

Scottrade custom metallic channel letter lobby signLobby Logo Signs

Rolex Custom Metallic Lobby Sign with LogoAn impactful and artfully done logo lobby sign can reinforce your brand in an attractive, professional way. We provide a variety of materials and options for displaying your company name and logo in an appealing way. Create a high-end atmosphere with a brushed or mirror polished logo, a comfortable environment with a wood logo, or go futuristic with backlit acrylic. We can even complete the picture with attractive floor graphics. You get to decide what your brand says to your clients, and that is done through the choice of design elements that you choose for brand promotion.

Directional & Wayfinding Lobby Signs

Wayfinding Sign, Directional Sign, Building Directory SignAnother common component of lobby signage is wayfinding or directional signage. These signs help a building visitor determine how to find the office or room that they are looking for. These are often displayed in a directory format, with business or individual names and where to locate them. Lobby signs for business directories can be useful for multi-business buildings, large office buildings, or even apartments and condos.

Tailor Your Sign to Fit Brand and Location

Lobby signs can be altered through many customizing options to complement the location, aesthetic, and brand of your business. Choose from a wide variety of color combinations, stylized fonts for unique lobby lettering, and detailed graphics. Draw attention to your reception area with a back-lit illuminated sign that can be seen in any lighting or setting. Increase your business brand with your company’s slogan, logo, or information in a stylized font with a dimensional effect achieved with studded mounting. Our design team is on hand to help you make those defining choices that will turn a normal lobby into a stunning depiction of your business’s brand!

Free Consultation with Lobby Sign Specialist

Our team of custom lobby sign experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

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