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ADA Signs

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What is ADA?

ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to assist individuals that have added needs caused by disabilities and handicaps in 1990. This act allowed the disabled to have necessary knowledge of public locations, and in turn giving them added security with their safety. Particular sign products are installed in requested locations, mounted with prerequisites required. We want to make sure our clients are in compliance with ADA codes, as the fees for those that don’t can be as much as $75,000 for the first offense, and $150,000 for the second offense.

Personalizing Your Package

We strive to provide a higher standard of sign options, and services that exceed expectations. Our ADA sign packages will not only meet your compliance needs, but they will also be customized, long lasting, and affordable. Our clients should always be satisfied with both products and services supplied by our professionals. Contact us today, and we will work on getting your tailor-made ADA signage started. We looking forward to turning your ADA needs into sign solutions!

ADA Signs: Remain in Compliance with Local Ordinances

With so much on the plate of business owners today, the need for ADA compliant signage should not be allowed to overwhelm our clients. Our team has a professional staff that will look into the specific signage needed for your building, and area, and execute a plan to develop a sign package that effectively meets those needs head on!