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What Does Your Sign Say About Your Business?

As you have formed an opinion based upon your first impression, it is difficult to change the impression. Imagine that your friend and you are hanging out inside a coffee cafe when a lady enters in that your friend knows. The friend introduces you to Jane, who’s hair is stringy and greasy. Her t-shirt and shorts are dirty and stained and she isn’t very engaging or talkative. Based on your first impression, you instantly decide that Jane is a dull, sloppy individual that you aren’t interested in knowing.

Later on, you discover that Jane stopped to get a coffee on her way home from a tiring 3-day backpack trip. Usually, Jane wears business suits for her job in sales. Generally, she has a lot of interesting stories and is extremely gregarious. However, your first impression of Jane was different; therefore, it is difficult to imagine her as the individual she normally is.

First Impressions and Signs

Before customers even enter inside your doors, they already have formed their first impression about your place of business based on its signage. The most recent American Shopper Study by Better Homes and Gardens produce the below interesting findings on customer impressions and store signage:

statistics regarding sign quality & customer response

High-Quality Materials Make all the Difference

High-quality signs give consumers the impression that your business has quality merchandise and that their shopping experience is going to be of high quality, as well. Some tips for signage which denotes quality:

  • Make exterior signage which portrays your store’s personality. Utilize a font which is suitable for your business and is easy to read and clear.
  • Do not skimp on quality; spend some extra money to get signs which will look great for years. Have it installed professionally.
  • As you post signage or vinyl banners for sales, locate the best quality vinyl then properly install it so that it will not flap around or tear.
  • Utilize an existing template or employ a designer to assist you in creating a quality, professional sign.
  • Never use a hand-written sign – they appear unprofessional and sloppy.

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