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LED Lighting Choice for Business Signs in the Marietta, Atlanta Area, GA

At Avisos Digital Graphics & Signage we’ve noticed a growing trend for businesses to upgrade their traditional wood and metal signs. Instead, they’re choosing to really jazz up their businesses with programmable LED signs. Unlike traditional outdoor signs, LED signs require little maintenance and don’t limit you to one message.

Storefront Lit Business SignOur LED signs come in all shapes and sizes, and can be designed with the full range of colors and fonts. This means that we can tailor a sign to your brand and inform passersby what your business is all about with vivid messaging. With display action effects such as snow, flash, and scrolling, our LED signs rise far above the usual advertising street clutter.

If you own a retail business and you’re located in a mall or high street, you’ll already know how hard it is to compete for the attention of passing trade. The bigger and brighter your sign, the clearer its message and the more customers you’ll entice into your store. LED signs play a huge role in retail, but other businesses such as churches and charities, can benefit too.
We will work with you from the beginning to create your LED business sign. Let us determine the best size for your sign depending on whether you wish to attract passing vehicles and/or pedestrians. We’ll also advise on the best message content to target new customers.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Each diode is a single or multicolored point of light, which can fit into an electrical circuit in any number of patterns and combinations. Enclosed by an aluminum box with an acrylic face, LED signs can be designed for either indoors or outdoors.

LED signs have been statistically proven to provide the best advertising Return On Investment (ROI). They supply the greatest marketing information to passersby in the least time. Their bright, vivid colors and display actions not only excite shoppers but add zest to your range of merchandise. Scrolling messages can be reprogrammed to alert customers to special discounts and new products.

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